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Social and Sporting Life

Aspley Lane Hockey Watermarked.jpg

Items relating to the provision of sporting and social facilities by John Player & Sons for its staff.

In 1906 the company built a recreation…

Working Life

Players Post Article 1.jpg

Memories and objects relating to the various departments at John Player & Sons and working conditions at the factory site.

Advertising and Promotions

John Player Showroom Watermarked.jpg

Material relating to the advertising, brands and special promotions which John Player & Sons created.

The Radford Site

No 2 Factory Watermarked.jpg

Photographs and objects relating to John Player & Sons' factories and premises in the Radford area of Nottingham.

John Player opened his first…

Starting Out

John Tom Thaves (Leni Cooper's grandad).jpg

Extracts from oral histories related to how employees first came to work for John Player & Sons and the working roles they took on.

The Horizon Factory

Horizon Jar Cropped.JPG

Objects related to the Horizon Factory.

Opened in 1972 and costing £14 million, the factory was positioned in the Lenton area of Nottingham and…

Previous Work

39408_Players Booklet-5.pdf

Previous work carried out in relation to the John Player Advertising Archive.