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Did you once work at John Player & Sons? Do you remember the Horizon factory? Would you like to share your memories of your time with the company?

The People at Player's project is about recording the working lives of those who made John Player & Sons what it was. As such, contributions by former Player's employees are welcomed.

The project is looking to produce a series of oral history interviews detailing the working and social lives of those who worked for the company. Excerpts from these interviews will be publically accessible via this website. The excerpts will give an interesting and unique insight into the history of John Player & Sons and working life in Nottingham.

The full interviews will be kept by Nottingham City Museums and Galleries, forming an oral history archive which will sit alongside the physical objects held within the John Player Advertising Archive.

If you would like to be part of the project, or if you have any feedback on the website, please contact us using the form below: