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Material relating to the advertising, brands and special promotions which John Player & Sons created.

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Photograph of 'The John Player Showroom'
The showroom housed products that could be collected through coupons available in packets of Player's cigarettes. The Nottingham showroom was on Hartley Road in Radford.

The photograph shows the showroom at Christmas time.

An Ash Tray made for John Player & Sons Centenary
To mark 100 years of the company existing and manufacturing tobacco, John Player & Sons had an ash tray made specially by Royal Worchester. It was given to employees and retired employees along with a special company history produced for the occasion…

Photograph of Oxford Street Showroom
As part of the No.6 coupon scheme stores were opened in London and Nottingham to showcase the items on offer.

Collection of Packaging
Group of cigarette and cigar packets, including Player's Navy Cut tobacco, Doncella Coronets cigars, John Player Special king size, Player's Digger tobacco, Player's Richmond cigarettes, Player's Special Mild cigarettes and Player's Bachelor…

Player's No.6 Catalogue, 3rd Edition
October 1967 edition of Player's No.6 gift catalogue. This shows the range of goods that could be gained through the voucher scheme, including children's bicycles and holidays.
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