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Aspley Lane Hockey Watermarked.jpg
A group of women playing field hockey at the company's recreation ground situated at Aspley Lane.

Player's provided sports facilities for its workers at a site at Aspley Lane. Built in 1906, the Recreation Ground, or the Rec as it was known, was a…

Pat Swallow talks about some of the benefits of working for John Player & Sons during the 1970s and beyond. She talks both about working conditions and the social side of the job offered by the company, including the Miss Player competition.

Every year up until the mid-1970s, John Player & Sons gave its employees a money bonus in March. To mark this, a dance was thrown at the Astoria dancehall in Nottingham (this later became the Sherwood Rooms and is now Ocean nightclub).


Steve describes the sports facilities and sports played by Player's employees at the Rec, the recreation ground provided and maintained by John Player & Sons.
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