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A 30-minute video in which former employees of John Player & Sons look back at their time working for the company. The video was produced as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership set up between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham City…

39408_Players Booklet-5.pdf
A booklet featuring memories and stories from former Player's employees. Additionally, it contains a history of John Player & Sons and information about what the John Player Advertising Archive holds.

The booklet was produced as part of a…

An extract from an oral history interview with Carol Wilson in which she describes how she first came to work for John Player & Sons and the roles she carried out at the company.

An extract from an oral history with Steve Wilson in which he describes his time as a trainee at John Player & Sons. Steve started out working in the Sales and Marketing department, helping with special promotions for the John Player Special and…

An extract from an interview with Doreen Claxton. She shares her memoires of beginning work at John Player & Sons in the late 1960s and the work she did as Marketing Support Supervisor.

In an extract from an oral history interview, Irene Chadwick (née Christian) talks about how she came to work for John Player & Sons and what it was like beginning work in the 1930s.

Irene Chadwick (née Christian) talks about her experiences being trained and working as a 'front girl' in the 1930s at John Player & Sons.

Doreen Claxton remembers her time working as a member of staff at John Player & Sons, reflecting upon how her gender impacted upon her working life.

Steve Needham describes how he worked at Player's whilst playing football for Nottingham Forest and Notts County football clubs in the late 1960s. Later in his life, playing for Player's sides allowed him to rediscover his love for football after…

Steve describes the sports facilities and sports played by Player's employees at the Rec, the recreation ground provided and maintained by John Player & Sons.
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