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People at Player's is a website dedicated to recording an important part of Nottingham's industrial history. The site takes a close look at working life at what was one of the city's largest employers, John Player & Sons.

The company manufactured cigarettes and tobaccos in Nottingham from 1877, but its Horizon factory (now part of Imperial Tobacco) is to close in May 2016. To mark this occasion, the People at Player's website brings together excerpts from interviews conducted with former employees of Player's as well as objects from the John Player Advertising Archive.

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Recently Added Items

News Footage of Horizon

Footage shot by Associated Television for a news piece about the opening of the Horizon factory at the start of 1972.The opening shot shows the new…

Project Horizon Film

In 1969, John Player & Sons looked to have a film made about their new Horizon factory, which was then being built. As the company put it, the…

Photograph of 'The John Player Showroom'

John Player Showroom Watermarked.jpg

The showroom housed products that could be collected through coupons available in packets of Player's cigarettes. The Nottingham showroom was on…

Photograph of John Player's No. 2 Factory

No 2 Factory Watermarked.jpg

Exterior view of No. 2 Factory on Radford Boulevard. Work was completed in 1932 and the building measured 250,000 square foot.The factory continued to…