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John Player Showroom Watermarked.jpg
The showroom housed products that could be collected through coupons available in packets of Player's cigarettes. The Nottingham showroom was on Hartley Road in Radford.

The photograph shows the showroom at Christmas time.

No 2 Factory Watermarked.jpg
Exterior view of No. 2 Factory on Radford Boulevard. Work was completed in 1932 and the building measured 250,000 square foot.The factory continued to produce cigarettes until the 1970s, when Player's moved production to its new Horizon factory.

Tony at Work in Electronics Section named copy Watermarked.jpg
A photograph of Tom Keatley, Mick Clifford, Tony Wardle, Frank Booth, Neville Wildgoose and Les Bacon at work in the electronics section at the Radford site.

Navy Cuttings Watermarked.jpg
'Navy Cuttings' was the name given to the staff magazine at John Player & Sons from 1945. It was later replaced with 'Player's Post', that took the format of a newspaper.

Factory Floor Watermarked.jpg
Photograph showing a factory floor production line of 'Gold Leaf' tobacco boxes. A male supervisor can be seen inspecting the women at work.

F1 Car Radford Visit Watermarked.jpg
Racing car branded with the JPS logo on the front and sides. "TISSOT // QUARTZ // 11" appears on the car. Workers are standing in the grounds of the No. 3 Factory dispatch docks looking at the car.

John Player & Sons sponsored the Formula One…
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