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Horizon Jar Cropped.JPG
A photograph of a Minton jar made for the opening of John Player & Sons' Horizon factory. Specially designed and made for the occasion by the Royal Doulton Tableware Group. Each employee received one on the opening of Horizon in November 1972.



Horizon Special Issue, 24 April 1969.pdf
Player's Post, the staff newspaper of John Player & Sons, ran a special issue in April 1969 in which the company unveiled plans for the new Horizon factory to be built in the Lenton area of Nottingham. The issue revealed the facilities the new…

21 My desk - Players Primary Control Room - Sept 1985 Watermarked.jpg
Photograph of Tony Wardle's desk in the primary control room within the Horizon factory.

20 Players Primary Control Room - Sept 1985 Watermarked.jpg
Two men at work in the primary control room at the Horizon factory.

19 Colin Fossey and Tom - Players Primary Control Room - Sept 1985 Watermarked.jpg
A photograph of Colin Fossey and Tom in the Primary Control Room at the Horizon factory.

Joan Booth Watermarked.jpg
A female worker is surrounded by picture cards which are being sent out to customers who are collecting sets. The reverse of the photograph identifies her as Joan Booth.

Dispatch Watermarked.jpg
Photograph showing Superkings and Embassy lorries outside the Horizon factory depot.

Print Room Watermarked.jpg
Three workers standing and doing printing work on individual machines at Horizon. A lady can be seen at her desk, in the background. Notes on the back of the photograph name them as (from left to right) Jason Price, Jack Eaton, Tresa Bates and Lesley…

Gatehouse Watermarked.jpg
View of Horizon gatehouse, with a car waiting for the barrier to be lifted.

Red laboratories Watermarked.jpg
Two women working in a laboratory at Horizon. Wide shot, displaying technical equipment.
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