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Moisture Testing Watermark.jpg
A man and a woman sitting in an office testing cigarettes for their moisture level.

P2251 Watermarked.jpg
Photograph showing two women working on a machine. One woman is feeding promotional items for John Player Specials through a shrink wrap machine.

October 1967 edition of Player's No.6 gift catalogue. This shows the range of goods that could be gained through the voucher scheme, including children's bicycles and holidays.

Embassy Promotion Sorting Watermarked.jpg
Four women sorting promotional material for the 'Embassy Wonders of the World competition'. Promotional material related to this can be seen spread out on the table.

The Drawing Office Watermarked.jpg
Horizon drawing office, with staff working.

Cash Sales Watermarked.jpg
Four women queue at window titled 'Cash Sales' at Horizon.

Red laboratories Watermarked.jpg
Two women working in a laboratory at Horizon. Wide shot, displaying technical equipment.

Gatehouse Watermarked.jpg
View of Horizon gatehouse, with a car waiting for the barrier to be lifted.

Print Room Watermarked.jpg
Three workers standing and doing printing work on individual machines at Horizon. A lady can be seen at her desk, in the background. Notes on the back of the photograph name them as (from left to right) Jason Price, Jack Eaton, Tresa Bates and Lesley…

Packets Watermarked.jpg
Group of cigarette and cigar packets, including Player's Navy Cut tobacco, Doncella Coronets cigars, John Player Special king size, Player's Digger tobacco, Player's Richmond cigarettes, Player's Special Mild cigarettes and Player's Bachelor…
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