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Navy Cuttings Watermarked.jpg
'Navy Cuttings' was the name given to the staff magazine at John Player & Sons from 1945. It was later replaced with 'Player's Post', that took the format of a newspaper.

Oxford Street Watermarked.jpg
As part of the No.6 coupon scheme stores were opened in London and Nottingham to showcase the items on offer.

Factory Floor Watermarked.jpg
Photograph showing a factory floor production line of 'Gold Leaf' tobacco boxes. A male supervisor can be seen inspecting the women at work.

Irene Chadwick (née Christian) talks about her experiences being trained and working as a 'front girl' in the 1930s at John Player & Sons.

In an extract from an oral history interview, Irene Chadwick (née Christian) talks about how she came to work for John Player & Sons and what it was like beginning work in the 1930s.

An extract from an interview with Doreen Claxton. She shares her memoires of beginning work at John Player & Sons in the late 1960s and the work she did as Marketing Support Supervisor.

Joan Booth Watermarked.jpg
A female worker is surrounded by picture cards which are being sent out to customers who are collecting sets. The reverse of the photograph identifies her as Joan Booth.

Dispatch Watermarked.jpg
Photograph showing Superkings and Embassy lorries outside the Horizon factory depot.

Regional Watermarked.jpg
Two men holding several ceremonial keys between them. Notes on the reverse of the photograph identify the men as John Maitland and Peter Hutchinson.

Miss England Watermarked.jpg
Miss England on a tour of the factory. She is shown shaking hands with a female employee who was busy processing tobacco leaf.

In the summer of 1967, the then Miss England Jennifer Lewis was invited to take a tour of John Player & Sons No. 3…
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