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Footage shot by Associated Television for a news piece about the opening of the Horizon factory at the start of 1972.The opening shot shows the new factory in the snow, whilst subsequent shots show workers and machinery in the primary and secondary…

In 1969, John Player & Sons looked to have a film made about their new Horizon factory, which was then being built. As the company put it, the film would function 'to encourage employees to look objectively and favourably on the Horizon operation…

Horizon Graham Hall Watermarked.jpg
An aerial photography of the Horizon factory and its surrounds. Produced by Sealand Aerial Photography.

John Tom Thaves (Leni Cooper's grandad).jpg
Leni Cooper writes:"My maternal grandfather John Thomas Thraves started work at John Player & Sons in 1900. Initially he was employed as a cigarette machine operator but by the time he retired he was an electrician. I can remember that he was…

Leni writes:"In October 1960, I started work in the Sales Office that was accessed by the original stone built main entrance on Player Street. It took up the whole of the second floor and half of the first floor – the exact part that was destroyed by…

Horizon Jar Cropped.JPG
A photograph of a Minton jar made for the opening of John Player & Sons' Horizon factory. Specially designed and made for the occasion by the Royal Doulton Tableware Group. Each employee received one on the opening of Horizon in November 1972.



To mark 100 years of the company existing and manufacturing tobacco, John Player & Sons had an ash tray made specially by Royal Worchester. It was given to employees and retired employees along with a special company history produced for the occasion…


19 Colin Fossey and Tom - Players Primary Control Room - Sept 1985 Watermarked.jpg
A photograph of Colin Fossey and Tom in the Primary Control Room at the Horizon factory.

20 Players Primary Control Room - Sept 1985 Watermarked.jpg
Two men at work in the primary control room at the Horizon factory.
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